Web Marketing Services

The Net Sells provides Internet marketing services and marketing consultant services to entrepreneurs in small to medium-sized businesses and organizations of all kinds.

A summary of our services:

  • Internet marketing strategy:
    Find the best fit between your unique value and your market.

    We will show you how to use web-based communication channels to get your offer to highly targeted markets, improving conversion rates and boosting your brand recognition. We will help you define your online markets, your objectives for web-related actions, a strategy for achieving these objectives, and what assets you have (or need) to accomplish this.

  • Search engine marketing:
    Use online advertising tactics like Pay Per Click to boost business overnight.

    Through active Pay Per Click or other advertising vehicles, generate immediate Internet visibility for your company for leads, sales, or a branding boost. This is an invaluable complement to natural Search Engine Optimization for those most highly targeted keywords that customers will use to find you. These tactics are completely under your control and subject to your budget.

  • Search Engine Optimization:
    Increase your online visibility with high rankings on your most important keyword phrases.

    Research proves that ‘natural’ search results are the most effective way for you to connect to the search engine traffic that is looking for you. The Net Sells can provide the content, link program, and technical advice you need to make your site a top performer.

  • Email marketing:
    Initiate powerfully effective outbound marketing communications with opt-in lists of your customers and prospects.

    Whether through a house list or email ad placements, this tool is an extremely powerful way to get your offers to a motivated audience. For many businesses, building and using an in-house opt-in email list is the most cost effective marketing tool in the universe.

  • Website usability consultation:
    Increase leads and sales by improving the customer experience on your site.

    You may or may not have a well-known brand, but your customers’ attitudes about you in the online world are shaped by how well your site serves their needs. You can not afford to push away customers once they link to you.

  • Social media marketing:
    Get your best customers to begin selling for you.

    The best promotion comes from a satisfied customer. We help you set up and manage online community-building tools to help your customers connect to others with like minds.