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Social Media Promo

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Erik Qualman wanted to get help promoting his new book, Socialnomics, so he made this video viral-bait (can I say that?).  It’s been kicked around the Internet so much I’ll be surprised if you haven’t seen it.  But if you are one of the few, this is a pushy, catchy, in your face statement that Social Media Marketing is HERE and NOW.

Writing Blog Posts that Build Traffic

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger has made a mark by writing blog posts that attract traffic and comments.  In this post, he gives you some guidelines on types of blog posts that work — Sugar, Spice and Vitamins.  Now all you need is the time to create that content!

Guidelines for a Business Blog

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Ian Lurie has 15 tips for Business Bloggers that might help to rescue your business blog from the dustbin. But is it too late?  Not long ago (July 2008, according to Wired magazine in Nov 2008 issue), Jason Calacanis quit posting to his blog.  Happens all the time, except Jason was one of the mega-bloggers from a few years ago, and literally made millions at it. What happened?  Blogging has become the darling of the marketing set (mea culpa) and therefore mainstream. And, therefore, boring, predictable and commercial.  Still.  Still.  A blog is new content, freshly minted in easy, zippy prose, inviting comments from interested people.  Isn’t there a way to make a business blog interesting?  I mean, Google has a zillion of them, and I know I watch a few of those quite closely. And Ian’s too.  It’s that same old thing again that most don’t like to hear:  you need to put some real effort into it, in the right spirit.  See Ian’s nice post for starters.

Analytics for Blogger

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

More than a few use Google’s free Blogger software for their blog. Now, the big G is building out from the Measure Map software they aquired to build a new Analytics product for Blogger, found in Google’s AnalyticsBlog.  This is in Beta (surprise!) by invite only, but you’ll get a taste…