About Us

The Net Sells is a ‘virtual marketing firm’ owned by a sole proprietor, Glenn Silloway.

About Glenn Silloway

Shifting to first person here, I am a marketing professional with 8 years direct and continuous experience working in Internet marketing. I have written this website, and I stand by its content and its promise to deliver expert, effective, ethical Internet marketing services. I know these tools, and I know how to adapt them to different clients’ needs.

I treat each client as if he or she were my only one, and as I would like to be treated by them. I take their concerns as my own and lend my experience and expertise to help them make their marketing communications effective. I try to make their businesses grow.

I am not a technologist, though I understand a lot about how the Internet channel works. I do not build websites or landing pages, but I understand what they are for and how they interact with human beings. I do not do Public Relations, but I know when that strategy is useful online.

I understand how to stimulate a good conversation with customers online, to improve my clients’ leads, sales, branding or just plain visibility on the Internet.

So what’s this ‘virtual firm’ thing?

By ‘virtual marketing firm’ I mean that I work with other skilled specialists who provide resources and capabilities I do not personally have, like website development programming, database programming, creative design, and creative writing talents. Sometimes I engage colleagues to help with a project just because they seem to be the better fit with a specific project: the aim is meet my client’s needs.

Our objective is to make our clients successful. We do that through excellent strategy and execution, products that confer integrity on us and our clients, and with the one-to-one service that each client deserves.

Email info@thenetsells.com for more information. Or submit a contact form for a free web marketing audit.

As a ‘firm’, we are:
Experienced Internet Marketing Professionals.

We are web marketing consultants with the experience in business and associations to understand your objectives and know how to achieve them. We apply intelligence, analysis, creativity to help you seize opportunities in your markets.

Perceptive and Ethical Partners.

We understand that you are unique, special within your competitive environment. We will help you design an Internet marketing strategy with maximum long-term benefits of increasing sales and customer loyalty. That means no gimmicks, no phony one-size fits all solutions, no spam artist quick fixes that will end up hurting you.

Results-oriented Business People.

We are results-oriented, so we measure outcomes to make sure we are on target. Your search engine optimization and marketing, email marketing, and other Internet marketing tactics should increase your online sales and leads conversions. If they are not, we need to know it, know why, and fix it. We do not launch campaigns and walk away—we measure them, evaluate results, and change them if needed, continuously.

Efficient Analysts.

We make your objectives our own, and spend only the time needed to achieve them. We do not charge for high overhead, long lunches, or extra frills—we get the job done quickly and move on to evaluate the response, make changes to improve as needed, and start again.